About Us

Cress Manufacturing Company Inc. is a leader in the industry of manufacture of ceramic, glass kilns and electric furnaces.

We are an organization that provides services and goods for the heat treating industry. Our goal is to achieve an excellent product to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers.

Cress was founded in 1973, as a company with a simple concept to provide exceptionally high quality products and services. With this goal in mind, Cress has evolved into a very important manufacturer and distributor of heat treating furnaces, in the United States and many other countries. We manufacture, export and distribute heat treating furnaces for the metal industry, quartz glass, industrial ceramics, jewelry, porcelain, pottery ornamental ceramics and many other applications.

For our company, innovation is essential to transform a good idea into a product or service of high value to our customers. We can adapt to the needs of our customers; therefore, if you have something in mind we can build it for you. With these ideas in mind we strive to provide better services and products that will last and provide years of service.