Kilns and Furnaces from Cress Manufacturing Kilns and Furnaces from Cress Manufacturing
Kilns and Furnaces from Cress Manufacturing
Kilns and Furnaces from Cress Manufacturing

Product Resources

Furnace Price Lists

Furnace Prices (47kb)

Furnace Element & Parts Prices (164kb)

Kiln Price Lists

Kiln Prices (119kb)

Kiln Parts List(105kb)

Furnaces - Instructions Manuals

Furnace Instructions (139kb)

Furnace Instructions (Spanish) (63kb)

Watlow Controls User Manuals (English)

Series 808 (1,264kb)

Series 945 (343kb)

Series 935 (1,329kb)

Series 910 (4,399kb)

Series F4S/D (4,485kb)

SD Control Setup (12kb)

Series 942 (474kb)

Series L (998kb)

 Series SD (2,843kb)

PM3E Manual

       PM4 Manual


Watlow Controls User Manuals (Spanish)

Series 935 (1,725kb)

Series F4 (1,540kb)

Series SD (1,456kb)

PM4 Manual

PM3E Manual

Parts Replacement Instructions

New 12 Hour Timer Instructions (22kb)

C136 Element Replacement (20kb)

C1362 Element Replacement (20kb)

Porcelain Rods Per Element (29kb)

AE1848 Element Replacement (20kb)

C1228 Element Replacement (21kb)

Element Retainer bars (107kb)

Thermocouple Replacement (15kb)

Exhaust Fan Installation (12kb)

C1232 Element Replacement (20kb)

Rope Seal & Pipe Fitting Installation (9kb)

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Furnaces Diagrams

C133, C136

AC-136-935 (21kb)

C133, C136-F4 HLC-LV 208, 240 (24kb)

C136, C133-935 240 (20kb)

C136-F4 208,240 (21kb)

CH136-935 240 (18kb)

AC-136-935 LV 208 (22kb)

C133, C136-SD HLC-LV 208, 240 (24kb)

C133, C136-SD 240 (17kb)

C136HP-SD 230 (37kb)

CT136-F4 208, 240 (21kb)

C136, C133-935 HLC-LV-208, 230 (21kb)

C-136-935 230 w/ Buzzer (21kb)

CH-136-935 (29kb)

C-136DW-935 208 1PH (20kb)

C401, C601

C-104HB, C-100-6B (31kb)

C401H, C601H-F4 115 (32kb)

C-601-942 115 (26kb)

C401-935, C601-935 120 (27kb)

C601-935, C401H-935 230 (26kb)

C401H, C601H-SD 115 (26kb)

C-601-942, C-401-942 230 (26kb)


AC 1228, 1232, 122012/SD-208-240 3PH (27kb)

AC-163210/935 HLC-480 3PH (27kb)

C2338/935 208, 240 w/ Buzzer (23kb)

C1228,1232,122012 F4-HLC-LV 240 (26kb)

C1228,1232,122012DW-SD 208, 240 3PH (26kb)

C1228, 1232, 122012 DW-935 230 1PH (21kb)

C1228, C1232, C122012-935 240 3PH (22kb)

C1228, 1232,122012, 935-HLC LV 480 w/ Buzzer (25kb)

C1228, 1232,122012, SD-HLC, LV 208, 204 3PH (29kb)

C1228, C122012, 1232-935 480 (25kb)

C1228DW, C1232DW, C122012DW-SD-HLC LV 208 1PH (26kb)

C1232-935 208, 240 (24kb)

C1232DW-935 240 (21kb)

C1232DW-SD-HLC LV 208 (26kb)

C1632-935-230 (41kb)

C1632D-935-240 (42kb)

C1632D_SDHLC_LV (46kb)

C1632/SD-480 3PH (28kb)

C122412-935-480 (28kb)

C122412-SD-208, 240 (27kb)

C162010, 162012-SD-240 (26kb)

C163210, 163212-SD-480 (23kb)

C163212D-SD4-935-HLCU-480 (45kb)

C181822-SD-240 (25kb)

C182420-SD-240 (25kb)

AC1228, 1232, 122012-SD 208, 230 (23kb)

C1228-935 208, 240 3PH (23kb)

C1228, 1232, 122012/935 HLC-LV 208 (25kb)

C1228,1232, 122012/935 208, 240 (21kb)

C1228, 1232, 122012-SD 208, 240 3PH (25kb)

C1228, 1232, 122012-SD 208, 240 w/ Buzzer (23kb)

C1228, C1232DW, C122012DW-SD HLC-LV 240 1PH (26kb)

C1228, 1232, 122012 F4-HLC 208, 240 3PH (30kb)

C1228, 1232, 122012 SDHLC-LV 208, 230 (27kb)

C1228DW, C1232DW, C122012DW F4 HLC-LV 240 1PH (31kb)

C1228DW,C1232DW,C122012DW-SD HLC-LV 2000 F 480 (25kb)

C1232-935 208, 240 w/ Buzzer (24kb)

C1232DW-SD HLC-LV 2000 480 (26kb)

C1232HP-SD 208,240 (27kb)

C1632-935 208 (28kb)

C1632D-935 HLC 208, 240 (44kb)

C1632D F4 440 3PH (49kb)

C2121, 1232D,120212D-SD HLCUL 480 3PH (34kb)

C122412/935 HLC 480 1PH (30kb)

C122412-SD HLC-LV 208, 240 (27kb)

C163210, 163212-935 480 (24kb)

C163210, C136212-935 240 (26kb)

C163212D-SD HLC U&L LV 208 3PH (44kb)

C181822-SD HLC-LV 480 3PH (25kb)

AC1228, 1232, 12012/935 240 1PH (25kb)

C1228-935 208, 240 (32kb)

C1228,1232,122012-F4 240 3PH (31kb)

C1228, 1232, 122012-935 HLC-LV 480 w/ Buzzer (25kb)

C1228, 1232, 122012-935 HLC-LV 208, 230 3PH (26kb)

C1228, 1232, 122012-SD 208, 240 (23kb)

C1228-935 440 (31kb)

C1228, 1232, 122012-F4 HLC-LV 480 1PH (28kb)

C1228, 1232, 122012DW-F4 HLC-LV 240 (31kb)

C1228DW, C1232DW, C122012DW-SD 208 1PH (24kb)

C1228DW, C1232DW, C122012DW-SD 240 1PH (24kb)

C1232D-SD HLC-U 480 3PH (34kb)

C1232DW-SD 208 (24kb)

C1240-935 240 (26kb)

C1632-SD HLC-LV 208, 240 (29kb)

C1632D-935 HLC 208, 240 (46kb)

C1632-SD 240 (26kb)

C122412-935 480 (29kb)

C122412-935 HLC 480 3PH (30kb)

C162010, 162012/935 240 (27kb)

C163210, 163212DW-F4 208 (36kb)

C163212D/935 HLC-LV 240 (45kb)

C181822/935 240 (28kb)

C181824-SD 440 (24kb)

C2121, C1232D, 122012D-935

C2121, C1232D, C12012D-935 HLC-LV 240 1PH (36kb)

C2121,C1232D, C122012D-935 240 3PH (35kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-935 HLC2-LV 240 (38kb)

C2121,C1232D,C122012D-935 480 3PH (34kb)

C2121, C12012D, C1232D-935 240 (54kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-F4

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-F4 230 1PH (41kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-F4 240 1PH (46kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-F4 240 3PH (43kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-F4 240 1PH (50kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-F4 240 1PH (41kb)

C2121, C1232D, CC122012D-F4 208 3PH (42kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-SD

C221, C1232D, C122012-SD HLC-U 480 3PH (34kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-SD 240 3PH (34kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-SD HLC-U 480 3PH (34kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-SD HLCUL 480 3PH (36kb)

C2121, C1232D, 122012D-SD HLCU 240 (34kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-SD 480 3PH (33kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-SD HLCUL 240 (36kb)

C2121,C1232D, C122012D-SD 240 1PH(33kb)

C2121, C1232D, 122012D-SD HLCUL 240 3PH (36kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-SD HLC 240  (33kb)

C2121, C1232D, C122012D-SD HLCUL 480 3PH (34kb)

C2121,C1232D,C122012-SD 240 1PH (33kb)

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Kilns - Instructions Manuals

Fanfare 23 (107kb)

FE Operating Instructions (86kb)

M Series Kilns Instructions (8kb)

Electronic Kilns

E8H Instruction Manual (63kb)

EA8B Instruction Manual (54kb)

E Manual for all the E Series Kilns (170kb)

ET911 Instruction Manual (62kb)

E Manual for all the E Series Kilns (Spanish) (44kb)

ET911 Ramp Rate Instructional Manual (63kb)

FX Kilns

FX Instruction Manual for FX Kilns (78kb)

FXC30FH Instruction Manual (182kb)

Glass Kilns

Fuser E Instruction Manual (60kb)

Fuser E87 Instruction Manual (63kb)

Fuser E89 Instruction Manual (63kb)

Manual Kilns

A8 & A4 Instruction Manual (88kb)

C1006 Instruction Manual (93kb)

Basic Kiln Manual, for A,B,C Kilns (366kb)

C104HHB Instruction Manual (64kb)

Parts Replacement Instructions

12 Hour Timer Instructions (22kb)

B, EB, EF, FX, FTX, FE, and FTE Element Replacement Instructions (19kb)

Digital Pyrometer Instructions (23kb)

Square Rods Per Element (28kb)

Vent Systems Instructions (81kb)

A15H, A22H, C14, C11H, C15, C17, C20H, C20L, C26H, C8H, C8L Element Replacement Instructions (21kb)

C36FH, Element Instruction (16kb)

Instructions for Changing Thumbswheel Switch or Motor (7kb)

Switch Low Med High, Replacement Instructions (14kb)

Vent System Retrofit (96kb)

Analog Pyrometer Instructions (23kb)

C100-6 Element Replacement Instructions (9kb)

Paladium switch, Changing Instructions (8kb)

Thermocouple Replacement Instructions (15kb)

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Kilns Diagrams

A, B and C Models

A4HKT (15kb)

B18H 208 (16kb)

B23H 208 (16kb)

B27HT,BT27HT 240 (18kb)

B1814H 208 (17kb)

B2418HT, BTS2418 220 (18kb)

BT911HKT (15kb)

C11HT (16kb)

C20HT 240 (17kb)

C104H (15kb)

A8HKT (16kb)

B18H 240 (16kb)

B24H, BT24 208 (20kb)

B27HT, BT27HT 208 (21kb)

B1814H 220 (16kb)

BT511HKT (16kb)

C8H 208 (22kb)

C14HT (16kb)

C26H 208 (19kb)

C1006 (15kb)

A15H 230 (16kb)

B23H 240 (17kb)

B24HT, BT24HT 240 (20kb)

B1414 240 (16kb)

B2418, BT2418 208 (18kb)

BT711H (16kb)

C8H 240 (18kb)

C20H 208 (18kb)

C26H 240 (19kb)

FX Models

FANFARE23 208 (21kb)

FTX28UPF 208 3PH (26kb)

FTX28UPF 240 (23kb)

FTX2831P 230 (27kb)

FX23F, FTX23 220 (22kb)

FX24, FTX24 208 (20kb)

FX27F, FTX27F 240 3PH (23kb)

FX312P 208 3PH (25kb)

FX2418, FTX2418 240 (21kb)

FANFARE23F 220 (20kb)

FTX28UPF 208 (24kb)

FTX911M (18kb)

FTX2831P 240 (24kb)

FX23F, FTX23F 208 (20kb)

FX27, FTX27F 208 3PH (25kb)

FX31F 208 (24kb)

FX1814HP, FTX1814HP (20kb)

FX,FTX27F 240 (24kb)

FT31F 240 (21kb)

FTX28UPF 240 3PH (22kb)

FTX2831P 208 (24kb)

FX18, FTX18 220 (22kb)

FX24, FTX24 220 (19kb)

FX27F, FTX27F 208 (23kb)

FX31F 240 (24kb)

FX2418, FTX2418 208 (20kb)

FX, FTX27P 240 (25kb)

FUSER Models

FUSER 75E (19kb)

FUSER 2418 208 (24kb)

FUSER 89 (17kb)

FUSER 203014E 240 (26kb)

FUSER T2814 208 (24kb)

FUSER 87E (21kb)

FUSER 75 (15kb)

FUSER 89E (23kb)

FUSER 203023 240 (29kb)

FUSER T2818E 208 (24kb)

FUSER 2414E 240, 208 (26kb)

FUSER 87 120 (215kb)

FUSER 2814 240 (23kb)

FUSER T2418 240 (25kb)

FUSER T2818E 240 (24kb)

Front Loading Models

EC30FH 240 3PH (60kb)

EC30FH-HLC 208 3PH (60kb)

EC32FH 208 1PH (32kb)

EC32FH 240 3PH (30kb)

EC32FHL 240 1PH (32kb)

EC242431FH 208 3PH (39kb)

EC242431FH 240 3PH (40kb)

FXC30FH, FXC36FH 208 3PH LV (33kb)

FXC30FH, FXC36FH 240 3PH LV (82kb)

Supply Wiring for FXC30FH, FXC36FH 208, 240 1PH (16kb)

EC30FH 240 1PH (61kb)

EC30FH-HLC 240 1PH (44kb)

EC32FH 208 3PH (34kb)

EC32FHL 208 1PH (32kb)

EC32FHL 240 3PH (32kb)

EC242431FH 208 3PH Vent (29kb)

FXC30FH, FXC36FH 208 1PH LV (33kb)

FXC30FH, FXC36FH 208 1PH (34kb)

Supply Wiring for EC242431FH 208, 240 1PH (16kb)

EC30FH-HLC 208 1PH (44kb)

EC30FH-HLC 240 3PH (43kb)

EC32FH 240 1PH (65kb)

EC32FHL 208 3PH (33kb)

EC242431FH 208 1PH (39kb)

EC242431FH 240 1PH (39kb)

FXC30FH, FXC36FH 208 3PH (33kb)

FXC30FH, FXC36FH 240 1PH LV (33kb)

Supply Wiring for FXC30FH, FXC36FH 208 3PH (16kb)

E Models

C100-6B, C100-6B3K (17kb)

E18HP, ET18HP, ES18HP, ETS18HP 240 (21kb)

E27, ET27, ET28, ES27, ETS27, ETS28 240 (20kb)

E27, ET27, ES27, ETS27, ET28, ETS28 208 (26kb)

E2418, ET2418, ES2418, ETS2418 220 (26kb)

ET, ETS2818 208 (24kb)

ET, ETS2831 240 3PH (31kb)

ET, ETS2831HP 208 (29kb)

E18, ES18, ET18, ETS18 220 (19kb)

E23, ES23, ET23, ETS23 208, 240 (22kb)

E27, ET27, ES27, EST27, ET28, ETS27 240 3PH (23kb)

E1414 220 (20kb)

E2418, ET2418, ES2418, ETS2418 208 3PH (23kb)

ET, ETS31 240 (22kb)

ET, ETS2831 240 (27kb)

E18, ES18, ET18, ETS18 208 (25kb)

E24HP, ET24HP, ES24HP, ETS24HP 240 (22kb)

E27, ET27, ES27, ETS27, ET28, ETS28 208 3PH (26kb)

E1814HP 220, 208 (23kb)

E2418, ET2418, ES2418, ETS2418 208 (26kb)

ET, ETS2818 240 (24kb)

ET, ETS2831HP 208 3PH (27kb)

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