Kilns and Furnaces from Cress Manufacturing Kilns and Furnaces from Cress Manufacturing
Kilns and Furnaces from Cress Manufacturing
Kilns and Furnaces from Cress Manufacturing

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Cress Manufacturing Company, Inc., manufactures electric heat treating industrial furnaces and electric ceramic and glass kilns. We have over fifty years of experience in the manufacturing of outstanding firing equipment to the fields of ceramic, pottery and glass arts and the heat treating industry

Cress has been at the forefront of firing processes for much of its history, being first in our field with UL listing of ceramic kilns; first with ultra reliable element connections; first with infinitely variable power controls and first with inexpensive automated firing. The Cress family has contributed its skills in graduate electrical and mechanical engineering and thermodynamics to the design of professional, fine quality firing equipment. We at Cress are proud of our long - standing reputation for the safety, reliability and excellent firing properties of our kiln and furnace designs.

Cress has provided kilns and furnaces in such diverse applications as the space program, research laboratories, machine shops, production ceramics facilities, artist’s studios, jewelry production, doll making, pottery production, ceramics studios, glass studios and hobbyist’s workshops. We are gratified that our many satisfied customers return each time they are ready to increase their firing capacity.

Company hours are Monday thru Thursday 6:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Pacific Time.